When Geeks Grow Up with Science Channel's Mike Senese

I'm happy to be back with another episode of When Geeks Grow Up, the web series that provides parents of gifted kids a peek at the future and maybe a tip for the here and now.

I met the Science Channel's Mike Senese after he headlined at the Chicago #VoltUnplugged event. Having rushed over from the Family Dollar event, I didn't get to drive the Volt, but I did get to take a smooth and cool ride in one. The car felt more powerful and responsive than I expected.

The Volt has a unique digital dashboard. This middle unit provide constant feedback on the car, its power source and its limits. Here's my view from the back seat.

The party was hosted at The Craftsman Experience, which is like the Kenmore Live Studio, but for tools instead of household appliances. It's always a good time as there are power tools to play with and inspiring projects all around (look for them in an upcoming episode of Property Sluts).

After chatting with Mike for a minute, I realized he'd be a perfect fit for When Geeks Grow Up. I grabbed Mike and ran into a back room with him for a quick interview. And here he is:

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