When It Rains in Chicago, Overhead Sewers Provide Flood Control

Overhead sewers are not actually overhead, but they do provide good flood control to prevent (eeeeeewwwww) sewer system back-ups..in your house. As my husband challenged me when I questioned the significant installation expense of this for our new-to-us house, "Do you want to clean up our neighbor's poop from our basement during a big storm?"

No sir, I do not.

For your viewing enjoyment, I present the skinny on overhead sewers. The installation was a messy, messy process, but it does not involve poop, just digging up most of your front lawn to a depth of 5-8 feet. Maybe 10. It's been a while. Oh, ans then you have to deal with a big mess inside as well as 2 metric tons of dirt and clay that don't fit back into the ground.

If you'd like to read more about our experience with the installation of overhead sewer flood control (it's not a DIY job!), read my thought at the now-defunct Reluctant Renovator.

Fun Fact: Nearly two hundred people have watched this video since last week's deluge of rain.

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