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We are loving the material comforts of our new house (ahem), but our greatest joy is entertaining friends and family in the new space. Our casual dinners (Note: I need to find a replacement for chili as our go-to meal. Any tips?) are topped off with family games. Telestrations, part Pictionary and part old skool Telephone, is now our standard. It's great fun and works well with a group of 6-8 folks. And now Spot It! has joined the rotation.

The folks from BlueOrange sent me the game for review and it's quickly becoming a family favorite. We like the fast-paced action of Spot It! for groups of 3-5 and because no reading is required, it's good for all ages.

Spot it! is a deck of round cards that comes in a tin (great for travel) on which each card contains one symbol that matches any other card in the deck.

I know there's got to be a simple mathematical formula to achieve this matching thing and yet, on some level it's kind of mind-boggling. But it's true. There's always a match.

A sheet in the tin describes several games that can be played with the deck. They way we've been playing is to distribute all the cards to all the players holding one card back as the starter. Players keep their cards in a stack face down and once the starter card is revealed, players turn over the top card in their pile.

The first player to find a matching symbol that her card shares with the starter card places her matching card on the starter card and calls out that symbol. In the instance below, she'd call out, "Ladybug!" and that card becomes the new card to match.

Play continues until a player uses up her pile of cards. As I said, its a fast-paced game (at least with older kids and sharp middle-aged adults). Deceptively simple, Spot It! feels mindless, but actually hones a gal's observation skills.

I give it a thumbs-up. I'm bringing it with me to our State Science Olympiad competition later this month, where low-tech distractions between events are always welcome.

Spot It! retails for about $12 and is sold at a variety of fine retailers around the country (i.e. not WalMart or Target). Click to find a BlueOrange retailer near you.
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