Pinterest Echo Chamber

I recently came across a photo that might solve some of my design issues issues related to the reno of my boys' bathroom. I Pinned it, not so much to share it with the masses, but to place it on my design board, so I can find it later.

Then I decided to search Pinterest for more bathroom ideas.

This is what I got:

Rather than dozens of ideas, my results only included a handful of ideas (many of which are in the high-end fantasy realm) that were repeated over and over as I scrolled down the page. Even that image on the upper left, with the dark cabinets showed up more than half a dozen times.


I mean, it's nice when your network serves as a curator, but it's no fun when everyone's talking about the same thing.

At any rate, I'm headed to the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show this week where I'm sure to find many original ideas and lots of inspiration.

We're redoing two bathrooms and I'm gutting them both myself(!). Take a look at how our pink bathroom has been transformed already.

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