Another Snow Day!

I know a lot of tongues are wagging about global climate change, rightly so, but in some ways, this winter is a reminder of the way things used to be. No, I didn't walk 3 miles barefoot in the snow to school, but I remember when winter was winter. That is, the ground was covered with snow, more of less, December through February.

I recall my first winter back in Chicago after a few years in Texas when I was trying to go to work, but was frozen out of my car. Oh, the outrage and frustration!

Flash forward a dozen years and I remember hosting a toddler play date in December during which the kids played outside. Without jackets. While delightful in its own way, it felt Very Wrong.

A red-breasted robin used to be one of the first signs of spring. It was a delight spotting your first each year. I saw a robin two weeks ago when I brought my pup to the vet (again!).

So even though we're on the third snow day of the calendar year, I appreciate that this winter feels like winter. I'm trying to focus on the bright side:

  • The quiet joy of being the first to make tracks in freshly fallen snow.
  • Lake Michigan water levels will rise.
  • The water level on the Mississippi River should rise up, too. (In 2012 it was at a record low.)
  • The extreme cold kills vermin.
  • The cold is also killing emerald ash borer eggs or larvae. Those little buggers have been killing trees all around the metro area.

Keep safe and warm, everybody. And if cabin fever's got you down, check out winter fun ideas on The Maker Mom.

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