I Have to Wake Up so I Can Witness My Death

We're headed to the Illinois Science Olympiad Competition today and as in the last two years I've attended, the weather is horrible. This year, I'm going downstate on the bus with the school kids, but two years ago Hubs and I drove down to the University of Illinois with another parent from school during a heavy rainstorm.

I drove for the first hour or so until started getting sleepy and/or it was getting harder to see in the rain then Hubs took over. I told our guest he could sit in front seat since I'd likely fall asleep. I tried to stay awake as I caught bits of their conversation but my mind wandered into drifting thoughts and then sleep.

I don't know how much later Hubs suddenly braked or skidded or jerked the car on the wet road. I have no idea what happened beyond the thought that jarred me awake, "If I'm going to die, I'd better be awake to experience it."

Both car and passengers were fine and my adrenaline kept me awake for the remainder of the ride.

Let's hope the team member and their parents all arrive safely and that I don't have to spend a third year running all over campus getting drenched in the rain for Science Olympiad events.

Wish my team good skill!

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