House Hunting: The Privilege of Frustration

It's no secret that I'm frustrated that we haven't found the right house. But we have a (mostly) wonderful place to live alongside my parents for now. We also have food in our bellies, paying work for the grow-ups and even decent health insurance.

That I can whine about not finding a home of our own right now is a privilege (or maybe just freakin' obnoxious and self-centered). I know a lot of families are struggling right now and I hope you'll take a moment to think of them.

Gosh, that didn't do much good, did it?

Can I ask you to do something on their behalf?

What? Your wallet is looking a bit empty right now, too?

Let me make this easy. Please head over Share Our Strength and take the No Kid Hungry Pledge prior to November 24 and The ConAgra Foods Foundation will donate $10 in your name to the No Kid Hungry Effort.


Disclosure: I do consulting work for ConAgra Foods, but this post is not a client project.
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