Remembering to Breath

The ongoing house hunt plus planning a bar mitzvah (seriously, I am the last person you want planning a 175 person luncheon).... 175 people?! Yeah, I'm not sure how that happened either, other than the fact that we decided to go low-key with food and such and, uh, invite every person we've ever met.

I'm kidding. But between family, our friends, the bar mitzvah boy's friends, about 20 of my parents' longtime friends and another 20 or so on my in-law's side, it all adds up and while we are truly honored by the presence of each guest and did I mention it's a low-key event, I'm definitely in the freak-out zone.

Even if I do throw the tackiest luncheon ever, there will be good food and plenty of chairs (albeit a possible lack of table space) and the important thing is having special people with us to share a most special day.


Oh, and housing stuff, there is always housing stuff.

And a client project (stay tuned for news if you live near Chicago).

And breathing. I can't forget to do that.

Life is good.
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