Blogger Butt can be Deadly

I only warn you because I love you. A new study indicates that having a desk job for ten or more years can double your chances of getting a certain type of colon cancer and increases your risk of getting rectal cancer by a whopping 44%.

And exercising in the off-time doesn't help stave off the risks.

Holy crap! (No pun intended.)

I am also not kidding when I wonder aloud if this investigation inquired about time spent reading a la commode (on the pot, so to speak), as I've heard that can be a damaging habit.

I'm not making this up. Read more at The Telegraph or look for the full report, which does not yet appear to have been published online, at least for the masses, at the American Journal of Epidemiology.

While I had previously been coveting Stow Company's desk that converts to a bed for our guest room in our theoretical new house, maybe I should keep my eye on the treadmill desk, instead.
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