Nearly Wordless Wednesday: The Thing My Son Put Up His Nose

Yep, I needed some permanent record of this seeing as how I finally threw the damn thing out.

When Thing 2 was about four years old, we were headed on a two week trip to Arizona but it seemed like he might be coming down with strep. I didn't want to travel with a sick child, so we headed to the doctor, who paused oddly during midway through examining my boy.

He had noticed a bump inside my son's nose. Apparently the epithelial cells that line the nose tend to grow very quickly over implanted objects and the doctor had to dig out this unexpected little find.

And that's the good news. If we had not had this hastily planned doctor visit when we did, the little gem would have needed to be surgically removed.

But that's also the good news because after taking a deep breath, the doctor told me that when he first spotted the lump in my son's nose, he feared it was a rare type of cancer. He was worried he was going to be breaking some really bad news to me. But no, it was just a fuzzy little craft ball that my son shoved up his nose.

The thing is, even as a very young toddler my son was not the type of kid who stuck things in his nose or any other orifice for that matter. He didn't mouth his toys and was generally pretty obedient.

He didn't, doesn't, have any reasonable explanation for why he shoved that thing up his nose.

I found the plastic vial containing the fuzzball when we were emptying out our house. It's now in a landfill.

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