There is no house

Just to be clear, we did not purchase the house on which we had a contract. Unlike Property Virgins, Property Sluts are experienced. Sure, we know the joys home ownership can bring, but we know all too well, the expenses and headaches that come along with it.

In the end, the numbers didn't work out (see me for details; DH read an article about how blogs and social media are affecting real estate deals and he's all nervous. For example, if I posted somewhere that I found the house of my dreams and the seller's agent sees it, I've killed our ability to bargain because they know the Property Slut wants it. On a related note, you don't see pics and video of the houses because I don't want to get sued, yo!)

We might rent. Or not. Or by the time we decide, the rental we might sort of want could already be rented.

We are in limbo.

So that's the housing update.

The bar mitzvah update? Ugh, don't even ask. No, really. It's all good.

Life is good. (Repeat as necessary.)

The photo above? It's filler from Disney. I have a lovely Boos Block that was gifted to me that I can't wait to use in my (hopefully) lovely kitchen one day.
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