Disney Engineering and Imagineering Ungeeked

Whoever came up with the title Imagineer was a genius. Who wouldn't want to be one of those clever men and women who imagine and then engineer Disney's technological delights, the fantastic rides and imaginary yet lifelike creatures?

Just days after our returning from the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration, we happened upon a special episode of History Channel's Modern Marvels show devoted to all things Disney.

The show provides a lot of great behind-the-scenes glimpses of what puts the magic in the Magic Kingdom and other Disney Parks. Interviews with imagineers abound as they share anecdotes, insights and the science behind the rides and audioanimatronic figures. As tired as I am from our trip, this made me want to hop back down to Orlando and experience everything with a more enlightened mindset.

History Channel even has a free teacher's guide to go with the show, including vocabulary words, thought-provoking questions and suggested reading materials. It's much higher quality than the one I received many years ago from the Popcorn Institute or some such organization that suggested a teacher make a bowl of popcorn and have kids do "popcorn math." Jane has 6 pieces of popcorn. Ramesh has three pieces. How many total pieces of popcorn do they have?

My family and I loved this show; it's worth a watch! Google tells me you can buy this episode on Amazon or rent it on Netflix.

Disclosure: As an attendee of the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration, I received many perks including park admission, but not a copy of this show. I am neither an Amazon affiliate nor a Netflix one.
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