Wacoal, the Large Breasted Women of Chicago Thank You

By and large, I've been hibernating since last fall. Between school, Hebrew school, bar mitzvah tutoring, multiple Science Olympiad practices each week and other family duties, it's been hard to get out at night and frankly, I haven't been motivated to get up and go. That is, until I got an invitation from the Wacoal, manufacturer of supportive bras, lacy lingerie and caffeinated shapewear.

One of the reasons marketers loves moms is that they talk about brands in their daily conversations. One of the reasons the Wacoal invite caught my eye was that it's a brand that has come up in IRL conversations. I also had a vague recollection of it as Oprah's favorite bra at some point. And they not only offered attending bloggers a free bra, but a fitting as well.

I welcomed both.

(Also, I needed help for one last section of Property Sluts: The Musical and I knew I could beg, plead or otherwise cajole a few gals into helping me out.)

Eve, a seasoned pro, did my fitting and we had quite a chat. I sent a few live tweets and reflected on the fact that it was the longest conversation I've ever had with a stranger while topless. I think there are lots of rich stories about women and bra fitting/shopping experiences. The event was not designed to capture these in a formal, or even informal way, but that's something the brand should consider for future events.

Wacoal will be shipping out my chosen bra, I forgot the style name, but I'm really hoping it arrives prior to my son's bar mitzvah because, wow, what a difference the right bra makes.

Like most of the women at the event, I've apparently been stuffing my girls into smaller cups than they deserve. They told us that 80% of women are walking around with the wrong size bra.


Then again, when's the last time you had a proper fitting?

Okay, here's a mini-commercial that I was neither asked nor required to post:

Wacoal sends their fit specialists to fine stores around the country providing complimentary fittings as part of their Fi(GH)t for the Cure* program. Just for being measured and trying on a Wacoal bra, they will donate $2 to Susan B. Komen for the Cure for breast cancer research and community health programs. For every Wacoal-related purchase you make that day, the brand will donate an additional $2 per piece.

Note: they will be in Chicago April 28 and 29 at several area Carson's Stores. Search for details or see when they are holding an event in your area.

* Oh, like Fit for the Cure. At first I thought GH represented bra sizes because everyone at the event seemed to leave they event shocked at what large bra cups they were supposed to be wearing. I'm slow like that.
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