Cool MomImpact News

It was a busy Monday, but why didn't I take a few minutes to share some exciting MomImpact news?

First off, we have a cool new client, Arctic Ease. Read more and sign up if you might be interested in trying out these new wraps and perhaps posting a review on your blog or Facebook.

We're also hosting a webinar this Thursday with the some of the big brains behind Blog World New Media Expo. Rick Calvert and Deb Ng will instruct participants on how to write winning speaker proposals. The webinar is the kick off event for MomImpact's 2011 series, The Year of My Blogging Career. Click for info and registration.

I hope to have more client news to come, but as I learned in the early days of consulting (I've been at it in some form for nearly 15 years), best to save the celebration until after the ink on the contract is dry.
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