Nordstrom Shopping Service: Good for Any Old Mom

Originally posted at Chicago Moms Blog in August 2008.

She had me at “You look like a size six.” And by the time she headed straight for the sales rack, I was in love. Maybe it wasn't love exactly, but the blend of profound admiration and gratitude as one feels for a parent, tutor or therapist- all of which she was to me in our brief time together.

I never would have thought to engage the services of a Nordstrom personal shopper on my own. Indeed, my blog buddies taught me that Nordstrom's free personal shopping service was not just for the rich and powerful or divalicious types who don’t mind shelling out thousands of dollars in a single shopping spree. It's also for schlubs like you and me (or at least me)!

My mom nearly choked when I told her I had an appointment with a Nordstrom shopper. I'm a fashion-backward type who doesn't make it out of the house much beyond carpools and, well, carpools. I hate, hate shopping. In fact, the last time I stepped foot in Nordstrom was to have mammogram.

And, as if to subconsciously reinforce my lack of style, I showed up at my appointment sporting my backpack instead of a purse because I didn't have time to go home from my morning errands to exchange it for something more ladylike. And I'd been rushed out of the house earlier in the morning with my unstyled hair hanging flat on my head.

To make matters worse, I arrived at the store fresh from a doctor's appointment at which they had to stick me in each arm to draw blood, so I had big generic bandages on both inner elbows.

And did I mention I was wearing a sleeveless shirt?

Sadly, that previous paragraph describes the closest thing I have to a “look.”

But Maureen took this all in stride. She guessed I was a size smaller than I am and took me to the sale racks. She grabbed items here and there looking at me for a nod of approval. We went to the dressing room and I started trying on the clothes.

“Is this like shopping with my mom where I show you all my outfits?" I asked

She advised me to show her anything on which on wanted a second opinion.

And so it began. Anything looked promising but didn't fit was passed over the door and almost instantaneously replaced with the proper size. I didn't even have to put the clothes back on hangers; I just handed everything over the door to her. Talk about Queen for a Day.

In the end, I spent a bit more than I'd planned, but it was worth it. I got a cute dress, that I never would have dared tried on by myself (pictured), a couple of tops and three pairs of capris for less than $350. More than I’d normally spend no doubt, but a good deal, especially considering I was in and out of the store in less than 40 minutes. Usually it takes that long for me to try on 20 items and then leave the store empty-handed, angry and depressed.

It was a completely stress-free shopping- an experience I wholeheartedly recommend. For my day-to-day mom wear I'll stick my plain Jane wardrobe, but I'll count on Maureen if I have to look like an adult or have some other occasion to splurge.

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