Cyber Monday Special

Click below fora free Cyber Monday shipping from ThinkGeek. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em; right?

We bought Bazinga! shirts for the whole family (yes, there's a back story) before I realized this code would be available, but now it's time to head back over to the site and see what I'm missed.

Please note that I'm a ThinkGeek affiliate and your purchases of $1,000 or more will go a long way toward my new house.

Seriously, any purchase through this link is greatly appreciated. Also, our house-hunting is on hold for now, because there's nothing new to see and we've already insulted the aging widows of our community with our outrageously low bids on their homes. (Oh, BTW rumor has it the hoarder house will soon be vacated and cleared out.)

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