Vonage Visual Voicemail

We have Vonage for our phone system because we wanted a house line, but get so few calls on it we couldn't justify paying for the high cost of AT&T service. Vonage comes with "visual voicemail" meaning that in addition to accessing messages through the phone, we can also read a transcription of the message via email.

But the transcription is often inaccurate, sometimes amusingly so, like this recent message.

Hey Brett, I saw that's what's it's Eric. Hey I am getting back to you late Mike I know you left a message early this morning but just wanted to make sure that Becky today. Yeah Rich, are very good. Of course I'm right now we are offering a 3.875 $.36 for the first year after that is Justin 48754 or you can take in a box like said before 75. That's all through your text you know it is either 45. Your tape deck but I know you and Kimberly.

Fortunately, I was able to hear the actual message via my computer and believe or not, it all made sense.

You ever get messages like this?

Disclosure: This was not a sponsored post. I pay my own Vonage bills, yo.
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