Milestones in Zombie Mothering

Originally posted at The Chicago Moms.

I not only observed their first words, their first steps, even a first petition drive, I helped my children prepare for those moments. I felt those moments.

But I don't feel quite as special for having coached my boys through their most recent milestone: harvesting brains.

Yes, I have become one of those mothers, a new breed of helicopter mom- a virtual farmhand. I am helping the boys tend to their Zombie Farm while they attend school.

I've learned that carrots need to be harvested right away, therefore onions, which can last longer in the ground, are a safer crop. I've come to realize that garden gnome zombies, while good for their fertilization skills, lack the chops to beat the farmer. More importantly, I now know that zombies wilt fast as carrots if they aren't plucked from the digitized soil shortly after they pop up.

I have somehow been sucked into the game alongside my boys. They leave for school with an innocent request, "Mom, can you invade at 10 this morning?"

I work from home, I have a flexible schedule, how can I turn them down?

So here I am harvesting onions, tilling the soil, planting a few more seeds and preparing this undead army for their next invasion.

And so it goes. For each brain they acquire in the game, I can't help but wonder if I'm losing a little bit of my own.

(Photo: No worries, my son is picking strawberries, not tiny zombie brains!)
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