Easy Bar Mitzvah Invitations

My goal was to get my son's bar mitzvah invitations in the mail prior to the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration. With the help of Tiny Prints, we did it!

We were pleasantly surprised to learn they would address our envelopes for free; they even mail to US residents them for nothing more than the cost of a first class stamp. However, we had some inserts, therefore opted to mail them ourselves.

To be clear, I am not working with the company and though I did have a coupon, I shelled out hundreds of dollars for these invites and related thank-you notes. This was my first experience as a TinyPrints customer and I have to say it was excellent one. I made several revisions after submitting our original text (hello-I left off our names!) and the designer was quick to get back to me for with changes. (Pay for a digital proof, people. Always.)

A few suggestions for the folks at TinyPrints and, frankly, others who make bar mitzvah invitations:

1) Accept Discover Card for payment. That's how I roll. I get a better return on my Discover purchases than I do from my money that's sitting in the bank. What's not to love?

2) We wanted to let our guests know about my son's mitzvah project, so we printed out a brief description and included it with the invite. We also printed out an invitation to a small kids' party taking place the next day.

It worked for us and was very cost effective, but I'm a function over form person. Some would shudder at the thought of sticking a piece of paper in an envelope alongside a pretty invitation. As I was stuffing envelopes, it dawned on me that I could have printed the party invite or the mitzvah project info on the thank-you note cards that match the invitation. Or I might have been able to repurpose the matching response cards to meet this need. If only TinyPrints had given me that idea, I might have increased my order.

3) Like a growing number of our peers, we did not order response cards. We asked our guests to either call or email us. It's a greener option as well as a more economical one. We set up a Hotmail account for this purpose because goodness knows my regular email inbox is a hot mess. It might be nice for the brand to offer a free or very low cost option for people to respond to (name)@tinyprints.com. This would give the brand one more way to get their name out. And actually, if a person agreed to let TinyPrints contact every guest who sends in an RSVP with a special coupon or offer, the host family could earn a nice credit or discount. (Admittedly, I wouldn't do this, but your mileage might vary.)

The invitations are out, now it's time to get back with the caterer.

Shabbat Shalom!
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