6 Things Bloggers can Learn from Disney

My recent trip to Orlando as part of the Social Media Moms Celebration got me thinking about what bloggers can learn from Disney.

1. Provide memorable content.
Provide a memorable experience for your readers- make them laugh, make them cry, make them think. Even if all you do is post product reviews- make them yours, don't merely copy the company's press releases. Your personality and insights, your sense of humor is what makes your blog memorable.
2. When you share your skills and help people discover their own, they will be grateful.
My family's experience in the Disney animation class, where we all learned to draw a Disney character in just 20 minutes, will stand out in our minds for a long time. On a blog level, I've never forgotten how helpful Susan Getgood, marketer extraordinaire, was to me at my first BlogHer conference in 2007.

Think about the leaders in the social media space, they share their knowledge.

3. Never underestimate the value of a great logo.

You know ParentHacks? Their logo is brilliant and it's backed up by useful, well-written content. No wonder it's a classic.

4. Plus it.
Decades before the word supersizing came along, Walk Disney understood the concept. He is famous for asking his staff to take an idea and "plus it." That is, make it bigger and better. Take ShePosts, a site that shares out the latest buzz in the mom-space. The site was good when Esther Crawford started it, but it's even better now that she has a sharp staff of writers adding fresh, relevant daily content for mombloggers and those who watch them.

5. Never be done.
Walt envisioned the Disney Parks as a place of continual growth and change. On our recent Disney trip, I couldn't believe how many things were new and how much had changed since our last trip in 2003. We should look at our blogs and social media projects the same way in order to keep them fresh and exciting--and that applies for us and our readers. Julie Marsh just did it. Jennifer James and Wendy Piersall are masters of reinvention.

6. Take Risks.
Be innovative, be bold, be daring. We think of Snow White, the first color animated film with sound, as a classic, but it was a huge risk for Walt Disney and his company. A cartoon musical for adults? Preposterous! But who among us can't name at least a few of those adorable seven dwarfs?

Colleen Padilla of Classy Mommy recently branched out from her blog with a playdate app and fashion mom Audrey McClellan has branched out with events. Together, they wrote the Digital Mom Handbook, which will be out this summer. They are role models for what is possible in our virtual and real professional lives.

What has Disney taught you about your career?

Disclosure: I was recent participant in the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration. I received park tickets for my family, three nights at the Grand Floridian, some meals and other perks including a conference with informative speakers like Chris Brogan. I was not asked to post about the event and all opinions are my own.

I was also a participant in the Disney College program in 1989, through which I received my Ducktorate in Management, Disney Style (yes, I have a diploma that states as much), as well as insight into Disney culture.
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