LEGO® KidsFest Chicago! Join in October 29-31

Yes, the Legos are coming to town! As the mom of a Chicago-area Lego fanatic, I jumped at the chance to receive media passes to Lego KidsFest, but I'm more like a media partner as they asked me to post about the event prior to its arrival.

We love Lego®! Based on the amount of use our Lego bricks, people and sets have enjoyed over the years, I can say this brand is worth the money. Whether following the given directions for a set or used in free play, Legos are fun. And they can be enjoyed for years to come. Case in point, my boys play with some of DH's old sets, which my mother-in-law saved with most of the pieces intact.Old Lego vs. New Lego

For better or worse, my granchildren will inherit thousands of Lego pieces all mixed together in one a ginourmous plastic bin. That's how we roll.

We are also rolling over to McCormick Place on October 30 for Lego KidsFest. It takes place
October 29-31 and promises excitement, activities and nonstop family fun.

Highlights will include:
  • LEGO Model Museum, featuring more than 40 life-sized LEGO models
  • Live demonstrations from LEGO Master Builders
  • LEGO Creation Nation, a hands-on building activity
  • LEGO Games Gallery, with live game play of the newest LEGO board games like Minotaurus, Creationary and Race 3000 (My son is a huge fan of these games and has sweet talked his grandma into buying him several of them)
  • LEGO Arcade, featuring interactive fun with LEGO video games
  • An opportunity to enter to Win a Trip to LEGOLAND® California
  • Watching my son spend all of his allowance

For detailed information, to purchase tickets and to register for LEGO Club meetings, please visit Be warned, this event often sells out.

Oh, and forget what I said about my grandkids playing with Legos, they will have their robots do it for them.

Also, the photos above our from our home collection, the Lego models at the event will be even cooler. :-)

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