Wordless Wednesday: House Hunting WTF? Take 2

This is from what I call a hypothetical 3 bed, 2 bath house that is like stepping into the 1960s in all of its wood-paneled glory.

I won't even waste my time describing it, I will just sum it up with "needs work." Happily, the price has dropped $40K since it was listed over the summer. Chop off another $40 and they might just have a buyer, though it won't be me.

The 2nd advertised bath is so small....

{How small is it?}

It's so small you have to stand outside of it to pee.

Almost. Take a look at the toilet tank is versus the commode itself.

FWIW, there's a moldy cement cube of a shower just to the side of the toilet, requiring a 5 inch step off the floor.

I'm not even trying to find stuff like this, we just keep happening upon it.
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