House Hunting: That 70s House

My favorite house so far is That 70s House, so named because it's sort of frozen in time in that decade, which means it could also be called the Money Pit.

The kitchen is so small that you have to step outside of it to change your mind* and it would take some reconstruction just to fit in a dishwasher...and of course we'd want room for a microwave and other updates. We're talking total renovation when all is said and done. $$$

The bathrooms also have an old skool vibe (not to mention a moldy tub surround in one of them), though I kind dug the corkboard wall in one of the bedrooms (we had that, too, way back in the day).

Oh, and the chimney is crumbling.

And the water heater and furnace are approaching the end of their expected lifespans.

Also, the electrical panel needs an update.

And did I mention the asbestos insulation on the pipes? Oy.

And of course it needs some fresh paint and new carpet.

I forgot to mention That 70s House has a one car garage with no inexpensive way to expand the space to hold two cars.

And that's what we've discovered prior to an inspection.

I guess I'm the kind to root for the underdog; I like this house. Well, I like the layout and location. When I think about the cost and aggravation of the repairs need to bring this house to 2010 and beyond, I get dizzy.
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