Quick House Sale: Only $285K

A quick house sale? Are you kidding me? It's taking us forever to find a new home in a very narrowly defined geographic area. *sigh*

Around these parts, back in 2005, on a good day $285 thousand dollars would have bought a 2 bedroom, 1bath ranch house on a 35 x 100 lot. So you can imagine how excited I was (DH is always skeptical) when I heard about a 4 bedroom + office, 2.5 bath house with a full basement and 2 car garage for only $285!

Of course, there were drawbacks. For instance, it was a a cash-only foreclosure sale. Who has that kind of cash sitting around?

Oh, and it's cash sale because there's no kitchen and no bathrooms. Well, the rooms are there, but they look like this:

Apparently, banks will not provide mortgages to houses without functioning kitchens and bathrooms, so a person has to find the cash and then finance the renovations, which we roughly estimated at about $200K because in addition to the missing toilets, there was a note about the need to have the basement drywall ripped out.

Because it looks like this:

I'm no mold expert, I'll just assume this is the bad kind of black mold everyone is so worried about. It appears that the house must have taken in close to two feet of water during the heavy summer rains.

Also, it seems that there is at least one leak in the roof.

And many of the baseboard heating elements are broken.

And the house has been vacant for at least 6 months.

But the floors look beautiful!
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