House Hunting: The Stairway of Doom

Our search for the perfect, or at least a decent, home for our family continues with this gem, the house with the Stairway of Doom.

Can't you see a wobbly toddler or, frankly active boy of any age, tumbling over the side that barely has any guardrail? {shudders}

The Stairway of Doom house, a lovely, recently renovated Georgian, lacked a main floor powder room which would be problem if a family member broke a leg, a hip or had an arthritis flare (ahem) and couldn't manage the stairs.

Well, it could also be a problem when we have my husband's 90-something year-old grandma over to dinner, but possible work-arounds include making my sisters-in-law host family gatherings or sending elderly guests a pair of Depends or astronaut diapers to wear to the house.

Hmmmm. I guess our search for a house (or maybe great prices on astronaut diapers) will continue.
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