Gotcha! A New Family Game from Buffalo Games

My family was invited to review Gotcha! the new family game from Buffalo Games. This seemed like a good thing to try out at our new house given that we don't have any Internet service there and even our cell phones get spotty reception. Thus, we have no choice but to interact as a family.

Gotcha! is a zany game in which the rules are always changing depending on which cards are played. One of my boys is a stickler for the rules, the other likes to bust his brother for breaking them. That makes this a great game for my family, even if they are a little young for it according the the packaging, which recommends it for ages 14 and up.

What do I mean about the rules changing? There are cards that dictate who should follow a given rule (males, anyone wearing glasses, etc.) and then there are cards that dictate what that person, or class of people, has to do (apologize before each turn, burp whenever the player to the right takes a turn).

If a given player misses her cue, another player hits the big red buzzer and moves his peg ahead on the game board, while rule breaker moves her piece back.

We've played it twice so far without managing to declare a winner because of the resulting silliness (and okay, the boys maybe get a little too heated in their arguments about who broke which rule), but we're mostly about the process anyway. And the process of playing this game has involves much laughter, so it's all good.

With a recommended retail price of $27.99, it's a bit on the high end, so you might want to wait for a sale or search for a coupon, but Gotcha! can be a raucous party game (up to 8 can play at once) in addition to being a as well as a fun family game.

Disclosure: I was sent this game to review. All opinions are my own.
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