Soda Stream Review

The bottle of Soda Stream root beer I brought home from the Housewares Show was the topic of much discussion and product lust, so I got in touch with the PR rep and she sent us the make-your own soda machine to review

The Soda Stream is easy to use and does not require electricity. It's simple and fun to mix up fizzy water on demand and flavor it as desired. Along those lines a certain boy in our house learned the hard way that one does not make a chocolate phosphate by carbonating a bottle full of chocolate milk (seriously folks, don't try this at home).

{pause to pour a glass for sipping}

Along with the Soda Stream unit, we received a CO2 cartridge that will make us about 60 liters of bubbly drinks, two one-liter bottle for making drinks and enough flavoring to last us all year.

Let me break that down a bit. The gas cylinders, or carbonators, can be returned through participating retailers and then the Soda Stream folks inspect, clean and refill them for re-use. The plastic bottles can be washed at home with hot soapy water and re-used, so there's a green element to this system. At the Housewares Show, they had some impressive displays indicating the amount of waste plastic drink bottles create to reinforce the environmental advantages of Soda Stream.

{pauses for sip}

There are a variety of Soda Stream flavor options. Flavor syrups include a variety of traditional options (cola, ginger ale, root beer) in regular, diet, energy and caffeine-free and Sparkling Iced Teas. These retail for $4.99 and up per bottle and make 12 liters or equivalent of 33 12-ounce cans at a cost of about 25 cents a can, according to their website.

Another option is the unsweetened Flavor Essences which retail for $9.99 and make up to 20 liters.

And they also have a sparkling natural line made with cane sugar and without artificial colors or flavors. Woot! Though it's a bit pricier at $9.99 for 6 liters.

We like that it Soda Stream makes bubbly drinks in a few simple steps and that we can mix and match our own flavors, or just drink our fizzies plain. It would be nice if flavorings could be added more simply per glass rather than per liter, so the hubs could drink his plain, I could add a bit of lemon-lime and the boys, well, they'd just go nuts with flavor combos.

If you're a big pop drinker, just enjoy a fizzy sip or two now and then, or like to impress your friends, the Soda Stream will hit a sweet spot with you. Try it, you'll like it. And if you don't Soda Stream offers 30 day money back guarantee.

Soda Stream prices start at around $80 and go up based on the model. You can find them at Bed, Bath and Beyond and other retailers.

Disclosure: I received a Soda Stream maker and many sodamixes to review. All opinions are mine. Ask me for a drink with your choice of flavor when you stop over to see my new house.
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