Win a Kohler Kidz Wisconsin Getaway

In early June, just days before closing on our new-to-us abode, we headed up to Kohler, Wisconsin for a housemoon.  You know, like a babymoon or honeymoon, only for home ownership.

I'm going to pat myself on the back and say the housemoon concept is rather brilliant. Also, Kohler is the perfect place to take one. I received a bit of inside info on shower and bath trends at a meeting with a Kohler PR rep, but anyone can meet with Kohler design staff and take in sights at the Design Center like the Great Wall of China, as well as dreamy designer bathrooms.

Still, I understand maybe you'd want to go to Kohler to fall in love with your family, not a sink.
Horrible phone camera shot of a lovely vanity/sink
Fair enough. Kohler's American Club Resort has a lot to offer families, though I think it's best for families with kids who are age 5 or up.

We stayed at the Inn on Woodlake, the modern young cousin to the more stately American Club. I think I would have spent a lot more time shushing my boys at the latter. That said, I have a cautionary note about the shower from our room at the Inn, which might be a bit intimidating to young children. My boys (husband included) loved the "car wash" shower in our room, but the showering experience is a bit intense at first and we didn't have a tub.

Water can spray out of all of those squares, or shower tiles.
The showers were a lovely treat; DH wants something similar for our new house. But if you really want to take your relaxing Kohler experience up a notch, make time to visit the Kohler Waters Spa.

Ah, I got hung up on the bathrooms again. Sorry.

The resort has n indoor swimming pool at the Sports Core or outside in Wood Lake proper, as well as ice skating in the winter. They have bikes that can be rented for touring the small village. And though not an official resort activity, we caught a horse drawn carriage one beautiful night and clip-clopped through town, which is by all accounts modern day Mayberry.

For big kids, there's horseback riding.

Not to mention hiking or golfing. And if hitting the links isn't your bag, hit the shops at Woodlake, instead.

If you have really big kids, 14 and up, you can go on a fascinating factory tour.

And oh, the food.
What? Chocolate counts!
If you're with the kiddos, you might skip the upscale dining experience at The Immigrant and opt for the Horse and Plow. Apparently there's a state law requiring every Wisconsin tourist to eat at least one batch fried cheese curds and you can get a big, hot order with your dinner. If you want to go really casual, pick up local produce, artisanal Wisconsin cheese and other local delicacies or order sandwiches to go from Woodlake Market.

Oh, how I regret not buying this.

We kept busy during our short time in Kohler, but if you're feeling antsy (or just not as into kitchen and bath fixtures as I currently am) there's even more family fun to be had in nearby Sheboygan, like the children's museum. (Oh look, Kohler is their donor of the month.)

So you've got your food, your fun, your family time. What more could you want?

Free, you say?

Okay, you can win a Kohler Kidz package with:

   * Two nights at Inn on Woodlake
    * Kohler Kidz Amenities
          o A gift from Movers & Shakers Kids Toys Gift Shop (featuring all kinds of fun that doesn't require batteries)
          o Baseball Hat and wristband
          o Smoothie at Take 5 (yum!)
          o Special treat at Craverie (small, but super yum!)
          o One meal at Horse & Plow (don't forget the cheese curds)
          o Complimentary breakfast buffet
          o Rental of select activity equipment (i.e. free kid's bike rental when you rent one)
    *  20% discount on services at Kohler Waters Spa (do not pass this up!)

The Kohler Kids Package starts at $371 a weekend at the Inn of Woodlake. Rates based on a two-night stay for two adults and one child. But you can win one for free, plus Kohler will provide amenities for up to two children under age 16.

 Would you like to win a Kohler Kidz weekend? Enter to win  at Reluctant Renovator through July 24!
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