I'm Going to BlogHer11!

Come Talk to Me at BlogHer '11!It's true, I'm going to BlogHer11. When I first attended in 2007, I thought I'd never go again. At BlogHer08, I had a great time, but figured that was my last. Then its came back to Chicago in 2009. How could I stay away?

But by in 2009, even though I had many friends in the space BlogHer felt too large for me and I decided to focus on smaller conferences. 2009 was also the year of the swag-whores. I was done with BlogHer, especially since there are so many great blog conferences are there now.

But after giving away my tickets to Type-A Parent and EVO, and feeling mired in many issues related to our reno house, I decided BlogHer11 in San Diego would be a nice place to be. And then I won a ticker from Mommy Needs a Cocktail and thus, booked a flight.

On a personal level, I want to see my friends. I'd like to learn a few things, especially since I'm approaching my new blog with a different mindset than built this one with back in 2005. I'm interested in connecting with a handful of brands. I'm going to run participate in the 5K.

I'm not concerned about being at the right parties or gathering the most or coolest swag, though if I can win a tablet or something for my new home, I'm game. 

On a professional level, I mostly want to take in the scene and note how the space has evolved is evolving in order to best serve my consulting clients.

Will I see you there?!

I'll be reposting some of my BlogHer prep and wisdom posts in the coming weeks. These old posts are not so much about what to wear, but how to be.
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