Six Signs of an Angry Skunk

I was often out and about with my boys when they were younger. Over the years we attended several classes at Chicago's North Park Village Nature Center. Their programs were not always top notch, but they were free and weather permitting, we'd enjoy a lovely romp in the woods or quiet nature walk after the class.

In 2004 we attended a program on skunks. The organizers even had a live skunk we got to touch and smell (its stink glands had been removed but the animal remained unpleasantly musky and slightly malodorous). The teacher told us that skunks are nice. Skunks want to be our friends and don’t just go around stinking things up.

Skunks only spray their stink, the teacher told us, when they are scared or threatened. She told us there are six signs of an angry skunk and that the skunk will show those signs before letting loose the stink.

This got me thinking about my own young children. What are signs they are about to blow?

That, dear reader, is one of many unfinished essays abandoned on my hard drive. I never forgot the title or the analogy and it still seems to me like it could be an piece with potential. Ah, I remember when I used to write....

At any rate, I thought of the dusty old draft recently when I noticed we have a family of skunks living below our front stoop at the new-to-us-house. Click. Go read.

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