The Wait is Over. Now I'm Feeling the Power

Sort of. We're moving ahead. Literally. Take a look! And yet another person reassured me that our renovations would be over within six months. Six months?!

It's all good though; the future is ripe with possibilities. And tools. Power tools. I'm headed to Chicago for a Craftsman Blogger Summit later this week hoping to pick up some handy DIY tips so I can make use of our new house's large basement workshop, as well as the two saw horses I nabbed from someone's curb the other day. (It was garbage day; I'm cool. Though perhaps I do need to add some new levels to my disclosure statement to clarify what was given to me and what I scavenged.)

I'm looking forward to hanging with Busy Dad, Mom Start and CC Chapman. And apparently my friend Condo Blues is set to be one of our rockstar DIY instructors.
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