Serta iComfort Crew: It's Cool that my Husband is Hot in Bed

Last week, I had the pleasure visiting the sleek, "green" Serta headquarters with a small group of bloggers.
We learned a lot about Serta, the 80-year-old mattress company. We heard about their history and just-in-time production process, we explored their unique building and research facility, and now I'm practically a walking encyclopedia of mattress facts.

The big news of our visit, was Serta's new iComfort line. I'll talk more about that in a minute because the thing that stands out in my mind explains why I don't work with a lot of brands is this: memory foam is a space-age (really) material with viscoelastic qualities. That means it acts like a solid, but with pressure and heat, develops the properties of a liquid.

Viscoelastic is not a term you hear often, so my ears perked up at the mention of it. I thought this was the same as a non-Newtonian fluid, but it's not, though there are similarities. My point is, have you ever made oobleck, a non-Newtonian fluid, with your kids? It's a fun, simple science experiment with cornstarch and water. Mind-blowing in it's own way and may occupy your kids for hours; lovely.

Speaking of lovely and mind-blowing, or more accurately, paradigm-shifting, I've never had nor been very interested in a foam mattress. My objections to foam were that it's too soft and traps heat, leading to hot nights in the worst sense of the term. Serta's research showed that many others shared my concerns and set out to change the way we think about foam mattresses by changing the mattresses to eliminate those problems.

This spurred the development of "advanced foam technology" that incorporated a supportive, cooling gel. And more recently the "cool action gel memory foam," which should keep even hot husbands like mine pretty cool in bed. Seriously, the guy is a furnace at night.

Granted, I didn't spend a full night on the mattress, but I did get to check out the full line of iComfort sleep systems and, oh my, they feel fabulous.

As part of the blogger event, I'll get to choose a system for my new home. I'm thinking I will request the firm Genius model, but I'll head to a mattress store with DH before I commit. Even if it turns out we don't love our chosen model, no worries. Serta offers consumers (and bloggers) a 120 day risk-free trial, so if we, or you, are not comfortable with your mattress after 30 days, we/you can return it. (The dealer dictates the fine print.)

We will also likely be getting the Motion Perfect Adjustable Base, which left us bloggers swooning with delight. When I mentioned it to DH and he took a quick peek at the hospital bed-type base that raises and lowers the head and feet, he commented that we'll need a new nightstand to accommodate our canes, but I swear, as my blog buddies will, this adjustable base was oh so comfy and soothing. I just need to figure out if the motor and moving parts can withstand our vigorous nightly lovemaking....

Enough about me. What about you? Well, you can get one of these, too, but you need to be patient. I expect to run the giveaway in June, so stay tuned. Serta is going all out with this and you will be allowed to choose the iComfort Sleep System of your dreams. Follow @Serta on Twitter for a chance to win one over Memorial Day weekend.

Fun Serta Facts: Mattresses are assembled in the US and more than 90% of the parts in Serta mattresses are made in the US.

I was invited to take part in this event with a few old blog friends and I made several new ones:
Rockin Mama
I Should be Folsing Laundry
Tiny Oranges
Adventures in Babywearing
Sisterly Savings

Thanks to Serta and Ketchum PR for putting together a fun and informative event.

Disclosure: As an event attendee I also enjoyed dinner and other perks including several Serta Sheep like ones pictured above, only fluffier, courtesy of the Serta team. I was neither required to post nor host a giveaway, but I am glad to do both. All opinions are my own. Yours may vary. Especially when it comes to Oobleck which, though fun to play with and contains only natural ingredients, can be kind of a pain to dispose of- do not dump it down your kitchen sink!
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