Sea Snax: Sleeper hit of the 2011 Sweets and Snacks Expo

Yeah, I'm calling it. Sea Snax is at the front line of a new trend, toasted seaweed snacks. And when I say new, I'm talking about it finally having a chance to be featured on Stuff White People Like. Let's face it, snackable toasted seaweed has long been popular in places like Japan and Korea.

In fact, last year when I saw cute little sushi wrappers at Super H Mart, the Korean Supermarket (also home to the endearingly named Fancy Pencil Land store within a store), I bought a pack and realized they made tasty snacks. Little did I know they were never intended for sushi.

Which is why I think Sea Snax will succeed where their competitors have not, their product is accessible to clueless white folks, like me. At Super H, the many varieties of lightly roasted and seasoned seaweed snacks are labeled in languages I can't fully decipher (not mention right next to sheets of the sushi nori, no wonder I was confused).

Sea Snax spells it all out for me in plain English:
  • gluten free, 
  • no transfat, 
  • no cholesterol, 
  • no MSG, 
  • no sugar, 
  • no artificial colors or preservatives
  • no canola oil (wait, canola oil is bad?! What did I miss?).

To be fair, Ocean Snacks was also at the expo with their dried toasted seaweed and English language labeling. The two brands are comparable on taste, but I think Sea Snax better understands the American audience.
Nom nom.

One could say that the real sleeper hit of the show was New! Chocolatey! Sleep Squares (TM), "the bedtime delight that helps you sleep through the night.(R)"

{insert your own joke here}

Any chocolately substance that comes with a warning labels is not my friend, and this item has several. Even my mom said it sounded creepy. The Teen can't wait to try it.


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