Party On! Bar Mitzvah Part 2

So the nice, relatively simple luncheon for 170 peeps, was a logistical breeze compared to what followed the next day. Yesterday, the day after the bar mitzvah, we held a kids' party. Having a separate party, on a separate day involving group transport to an offsite location (i.e. not our/my parents house- though my boys did manage to break a tree on their easement. Yes, broke. A tree.) and back is a logistical nightmare not ideal.

That said, all reports indicate the party was "awesome." And that's a direct quote from several of the teens involved.

When the Teen was a mere first grader, he asked me what boys did for their bar mitzvah celebrations. You see, he'd been to a couple of bat mitzvahs for cousins, girl cousins, who had DJ-driven dance parties. But he didn't think that's how boys did it.

"Well, what do you think boys do for their parties?" I asked.

"Stand around and play video games?" He guessed.

And that's just what we did.

As I was trying to find the perfect party venue, my friend Rachel suggested the Norris Center at Northwestern University. The student union has a game room in the basement which was perfect for our needs. Available for weekend daytime party rental, the room has several pool tables, a ping pong table, air hockey, a pinball machine and stations for PS3, Wii, and Xbox, not to mention a gree standing dance party game and a popcorn machine.

We brought in cake, snacks and pop and ordered in more pizza than we expected to from the food court upstairs. All of the young people who left our house on the bus, returned on that same bus. (A major concern was kids wandering off to checking out the campus, but that did not happen).

Now I'm ready to breathe easy and start looking ahead---once all the thank you notes have been written and sent.
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