Marketing to Mom Bloggers: Missing the Boat

I know many companies that are trying hard to get it right in the space, but I'm still amazed at what I find in my inbox.

The other day I received a note that said in part:
"We really enjoy Hormone-Colored days" Basic, but meaningless flattery, pretty standard stuff.

"and feel that your perspective as a parent of gifted children is rare and leads to greater trust-based relationships with your readers." Wow, they took a look at my blog!

The pitch went on to say that because my readers trust me so much, they'd probably love to get my thoughts on sunscreen. Really?

Despite the disconnect, I wouldn't mind trying out or even writing about sunscreen because my face is already red and itchy from being out in the morning sun. My skin is supersensitive to the sun and my pores clog up with whatever goop I put on my face to protect my fair skin. It's a lose-lose proposition.

So yeah, I'd be happy to try your sunscreen and share my experiences, because if your product works protects my delicate skin without clogging my pores, casting a whitish pal across my face or leaving a heavy shine, I will gleefully share it with the world, but let's not pretend it's for the folks who come hear to read about parenting gifted children.

And speaking of gifted children, a Chicago-area private school for gifted children reached out to offer various expert opinions on how to assess giftedness, how to choose a school for gifted children and such. Now that would be a great fit not just for blog fodder but for sponsored posts or advertising (something I've not done here to date). This blog has a Google Page Rank of 5 and a respectable Alexa rank. I get a lot of search traffic on topics related to parenting and educating gifted children - this could be a great match!

Except the fact that the PR person who sent the pitch along was apparently just being "helpful". It seems she had no idea that I have nearly 80 posts on my blog (edited to correct) related to gifted children.

What surprises has your inbox held lately?
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