Marketing to Mombloggers: Show Us the Money

I just flew in from New York* and boy are my arms tired. Good thing my peeps picked up the slack while I unpacked and, gosh, what did I do yesterday? At any rate, check out these hot posts on the topic of bloggers and compensation:

Cat Lincoln of the Clever Girls Collective, Do you pay for social media?
Liz Gumbiner of Mom 101, Nothing in life is free. Except, it seems, a mommyblogger. (Take time to read the many comments.)

Edited to add: Also worth a look is Caleb Gardner of Edelman's Digital Team on End Predatory Blogger Programs

*I was in New York for the launch of Consumers Union National School Safety Coalition, a national effort to help safeguard children and inform parents, educators, and caregivers about the potential dangers of products. More about that in a future post.
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