Funding for Gifted Education

I've been a little slow on the gifted posts, partly because, well, for a lot of reasons I'm not going to go into right now. But when I came back from Washington, DC after I helped pass health care reform, I reflected on the passage of that landmark legislation and applied it to gifted education and what I realized is that it's basically hopeless. It's an uphill battle that is not going to be won while my kids are in school.

And on a state level? Puh-lease. Our state budget is a mess. A funded gifted mandate is simply not in the cards. I may show up and speak out at another state board of education budget hearing, you know, just for fun, but I see it as an exercise in futility.

That said, as a result of my time in Washington, DC, I am in touch with one of Representative Schakowsky's people and am eager to speak up on reform efforts for No Child Left Behind. I'd love for public schools to be accountable for helping all children achieve annual yearly academic progress.
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