I laughed, I cried, I thought, Then I cried some more

This video from @BernThis made me laugh.

These posts from Katie Allison Granju, made me cry; don't think this couldn't happen to your child. (Oh, and the most heartbreaking update.)

And this musing from VelveteenMind made me think. Megan adds much needed depth to the flurry of brand/blogger rants that seemed to have popped up in recent weeks. Also, I like her can-do spirit. Not getting what you want out of blogging? Stop whining and go out and make it happen. (Though she says it in a nicer way.)

Not sure what you want out of blogging and wondering if you're wasting time Twittering your days away? Join this Friday's MomImpact webinar with Laura Vanderkam, author of 168 Hours: You have more time than you think.

168, or 24x7, is the number of hours we have in a week and dang, do I waste some of mine. The book is motivating me to set clearer goals, which will help me clarify my priorities. The upcoming webinar will have an audience of mombloggers. In fact, Laura is one herself (well, mom + blogger; she doesn't typically write about her kids) and has great advice for her peers. Though I'm eager for her to explain her recommended "no swag" stance. Click over to MomImpact for details and registration.

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