Updates, housekeeping and looking ahead

Without intending to, I took a bloggy break. Between the end of school and a trip to Canada, MomImpact biz, and a spotty camp schedule I've barely been writing or even reading blogs these last couple of weeks. But I have read books. I recently completed Laura Vanderkam's 168 Hours: You have more time than you think and the popular novel, The Help.

My desk is piled high with report cards and end-of-year test results for the boys, invoices, billing statements, magazines, a few swaggy items worth a mention and who knows what else. I'm working toward using my weekly allotment of 168 hours efficiently, but I need to get my desk in order and put away the detritus of our trip.

Our trip? We left Chicago for Winnipeg last Thursday morning about 6:30 AM. Thanks to Connie Burke and her team at Chevrolet, we cruised in style in a shiny new Traverse, which was a pleasure to drive (more about that later).

Thursday night, I held a lovely MomImpact party along with the #MNBlogPantry ladies and two local sponsors. (More about that later, too.)

Friday morning we hightailed it up to Winnipeg arriving just in time to shower off before dinner with extended family.

We snuck in a couple of tourist activities (more about that later, as well) and spent time with family and celebrated a bar mitzvah until we left Sunday afternoon hoping to make it back to Chicago in time for the boys' science camp Monday afternoon.

We made it home on time, delayed a few hours by DH's longing to see the headwaters of the Mississippi River. This "slight detour" kept us off the speedy interstate for about four hours, maybe more, as we coasted through small town after small town.

Pictures and stories to come; I hope your summer is off to a good start!

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