Tribute to DH and Emeril's Farm to Fork Cookbook Giveaway

When DH lost his job back in 2008, his new career goal was to become an organic farmer. This vision was impractical on so very many levels, I don't even know where to start. Even so, to portray myself here as the ultra supportive spouse, I could say I was all, "Go for it, honey!" But I'd be LMAO (lying, not laughing). In reality I was like, "WTF? Quit dreaming. Find a desk job (or, as time went on, any job) and let's get on with our lives, already!"

But during that year or so (I can't even bring myself to type the length of his actual unemployment, plus there was a brief contract gig in there), he learned about a woman in our community who wanted to start a farmer's market.

My husband, the man whose preferred method of philanthropic involvement was limited to signing his name on a check, became an indispensable member of a hard working group who did in fact, bring a farmer's market to our community.
DH built the website and filled it with content, including interesting videos, in addition to attending many meetings and completing more mundane tasks.

I am so proud of the work he did to bring this market to town.

As I helped out at the weekly market's welcome table this morning, I ran into a classmate from junior high, my former Girl Scouts leaders and several present-day friends. It's truly a gathering place-- a time and spot to meet and mingle with friends while supporting local farmers and food producers.

So hooray to DH! He's a mover and shaker and a planner and a do-er and a great dad, to boot!

To celebrate his work with the Farmer's Market (and an offer from a publicist), I'm giving away a copy of Emeril Lagasse's Farm to Fork : Cooking Local, Cooking Fresh.
The book is filled with delicious recipes and drool-worthy photos, many with an emphasis on fruits and vegetables. If you're looking for new ideas to cook up your farmer's market or CSA bounty, Emeril delivers.

For example, I enviously eyed people with overflowing bags of Swiss chard this morning, curious to know what one does with it. Emeril suggest using it in a roasted beet salad with walnut dressing or with walnut pesto and a balsamic vinegar. Guess what's on next week's shopping list?

When the corn comes to the market, I plan to pick some up for "corn oysters," or fritters that resemble fried oysters. (Admittedly, though, corn will be the only farm fresh ingredient in the dish.)

This book contains loads of ideas form a man who knows food. Would you like a copy?

Leave a comment below to enter to win a copy of this book; be sure to include your email address or a link to it Entries will accepted through noon, June 26, and the winner will be notified shortly after that. US residents only, please.

Winner will be chosen at random by DH likely when he's in the shower and I shout over the running water, "Dude pick a number between 1 and [total number of entries]." Who needs

The publicist also sent a extra copy for me to keep and another to give away at the Farmer's Market as part of their weekly raffle program. Each week, every adult that attends the market can enter a raffle to win a basket full of fresh-baked goods and local produce, plus an additional goody or two! See you there next week? See what I'm taking about?
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