Marketing to Moms: Social Media Moms for Hire

Having recently attended a blogger event that fell flat at times, I am keenly aware of the degree to which having a momblogger on staff can help boost brand efforts to a higher level.

The momspace can be tricky- it's good to have a tour guide, a Social Media Mom, by your side to help you navigate. The few hundred or even few thousand dollars it may cost to hire that experienced mom is well worth it.

I wrote about this yesterday over at MediaPost's Engage:Mom column. The article, Social Media Moms: A Worthwhile Investment, includes useful insights from bloggers Meagan Francis and Audrey McClelland.

In related news, as I write this, there's a #NestleFamily blogger retreat taking place. If you follow any moms on Twitter, you've likely caught wind of the fact that some moms are calling out Nestle for their infant formula marketing practices and are criticizing bloggers who chose to participate in the retreat. (And yet others are using the hashtag to inform women who have fed their babies formula that they have ruined them. Nice.).

It's the largest case of Hashtag Hijack I've ever seen.

One tweet in a flurry of exchanges that caught my eye was from Liz Gumbinner of Mom-101. She said, "The issue is that marketers don't know what they want the bloggers to be. Press? Consultants? Evangelists? Enlightened consumers?"

What is the role of bloggers on a retreat? There's great discussion on this over at Christine Koh's personal blog, Pop Discourse. Christine, AKA @BostonMamas, wrote about why she chose not to attend the Nestle retreat and Meagan Francis chimed in with a great comment and others shared insights, as well.

Go read. Comment. Tweet. Share your thoughts.

Edited to add this link to Amy from SelfishMom's post on When a Hashtag Gets Hijacked.

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