Marketing to Moms: Won't You Please Come to Chicago

I've previously mentioned that blogging and social media have opened up my world. As a result I now have friends (or "friends" as my husband likes to say) all over the country. And I've noticed a few things about my peeps in New York City- they are always headed somewhere and doing something.

Sure, NYC is the city that never sleeps, but it's more than the busy, hip lifestyles of my friends. NYC is a marketing favorite. Not a week goes by that my bloggy friends aren't off to one brand event or another.

What gives? Chicago is toddlin' town, sweet home to a wonderful community of blogging mamas and other social media types. The city is home to many fabulous PR agencies (if only their branch offices) and many large brands.

When it comes to brands, why do Second City mamas play second fiddle to our NYC brethren?

I welcome your thoughts. And if you represent a brand and want to reach a savvy, but grounded and highly connected Midwestern crowd, drop me a note and I'll get your people in touch with my people.

I don't mean to distract you, but I couldn't resist including this clip from the Daily Show, "Chicago Nope," regarding the Olympic Committee's announcement of Rio as host of the 2016 Olympic Games. Comment first, then watch this hilarious clip.

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Edited to add: Despite strong representation from my Windy City peeps, even the Blogalicious crew passed us over for next year. Admittedly cold rainy weather is easily trumped by wifi on the beach--the conference will take place in Miami.

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