Jewlicious: Shmooze. Nosh. Call your Mother.

Yiddeshe Mamas, Represent!

I'm pleased to announce Jewlicious 2010: The Beauty of Guilt.

Throughout the conference, those lovely ladies from Parentopia, prime issuers of absolution, will help us assess our priorities and deliver us from guilt due to:
  • Blogging too much
  • Not blogging enough
  • Not commenting enough
  • Ignoring the family in order to keep up with Twitter/Facebook/Whrrl/Google reader
  • Spending more time reviewing products than our children's homework
In addition to programming, shmoozing and spa treatments, another key component of Jewelicious is our devotion to the art of the Nosh.

Featured speakers in this track include David Sax of the new book, Save the Deli. After noshing on everything from chopped liver to knishes, Jennifer Perillo, an Italian-Catholic shiksa daughter-in-law who puts us to shame with her fabulous holiday spreads, will teach us to look at Jewish soul food in a new light.

But wait, there's more!

Sessions you won't want to miss include:

Got Kvetch? There's an App for That! Jessica Gottlieb and Jami Becker

How to Raise a Mensch The mother of Peter Shankman

Twiteleh and Other Hot New Social Media Tools Techmama

Keeping up with the Goldbergs: 2010's Hottest Tchotkes PopJudaica

You Want I Should Write about that on My Blog? How to Approach PR Kim Moldofsky

Bi-cultural in the Boonies Naomi Shapiro and Aliza Sherman

Buy Kosher in the Boonies The Angel Forever

It's Never Too Late: Adult Bat Mitzvah Marketing Mommy

JDate Success! Interactive Amy

So, you want to be Jewish... Leah Jones

A Skinned Knee? Meh, It's a Blessing
Wendy Mogel, Ph.D.

Not Tonight Dear, I Have a Headache Paula Kamen

Mommybloggers, Go Forth and Make Money Ayelet Waldman

Jewlicious will include a kick-ass tzeddekah project, to boot.

And what's a gathering of powerful blogging mamas without a bit of swag? Keep this on the QT, but rumor has it our group will be the first to bring home up the new "Tefillin Barbie!"

There are so many other surprises in store! Ladies, this conference will be beyond.

Of course, Jewlicious is open to all.

Well, it would be if it were real.
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