Commit a Minute to Safety, Kindness and a Plea

Late last December I wrote about the danger of moments of inattention. This year, the folks at Underwriters Laboratories (UL), a leading safety organization, asked me to think about it in a different light thanks to their Commit a Minute to Safety campaign.

Apparently, our busy-ness and moments of inattention (Did I really leave the kitchen with more than 50 tiny Chanukah candles burning on the island to check e-mail?) don't go unpunished. According to UL, studies show that 230 people visit the emergency room each day in November and December due to holiday-related injuries.

I'm guessing this could mean winding up in the ER due to anything from slicing a finger when you mean to be slicing a holiday turkey/ham/latke {Did I say finger? My dad almost cut off his hand a couple of weeks ago due to a slippery encounter with an electric knife (on a turkey, not a latke)} to slipping from a ladder while hanging holiday lights (I know someone whose husband died from this kind of fall, yo).

We all want a healthy new year, right?

UL has lots of ideas to help you and your family Commit a Minute to safety with opportunities to review holiday safety tips, send e-cards or print out holiday coloring pages for your child.

In recent weeks, I've been playing the role of Santa's helper thanks to Yahoo's Ripples of Kindness Program. I'll write a separate post on that, but consciously performing random acts of along with my fellow Yahoo Motherboard peeps has been eye-opening and rewarding.

Which brings me to the next item. UL has not only sponsored this post, but a handful of similar ones with other moms bloggers. The organization has pledged a $250 gift card to the blogger with the most interaction in her comments; the blogger can give the card to a commenter or whatever. Here's my whatever:

Share your holiday safety tips in the comments and together we can win that $250 gift card for
Team WhyMommy. Team WhyMommy is the IRL support team for cancer fighter and survivor Susan "@WhyMommy" Niebur of the Toddler Planet Blog.

I had intended to make a donation to a cancer research organization in memory of Elizabeth Edwards, but then I read Susan's recent post and health update. I realized it made more sense to donate in honor a friend who is in the fight of, and for, her life than in memory of someone I didn't know.

Please join me by leaving a comment with a holiday safety tip below. If we win the gift card, I will have UL send it to the awesome and hilarious Stimey, Team WhyMommy's head cheerleader, to use as she as Susan see fit. Maybe the money will provide a soothing massage or two for Susan or a few meals for her family. Perhaps it will be donated to research IBC and other fast moving cancers. That's their call.

Also, if we win, I will donate my post $100 sponsor fee to IBC research.

Please take a moment to comment sharing how you will Commit a Minute to Safety. You may comment once per day through the end of TBA)

For extra entries to help win the $250 gift card for Team WhyMommy:

Tweet something like "Join me in committing a minute to @SafetyAtHome in support of #TeamWhyMommy by commenting at"

or share on Facebook, but you must come back to leave another comment and let me know about Tweets and FB mentions.

Follow @SafetyAtHome on Twitter and tell them @KimMoldofsky sent you.

Join the Army of Women to help cancer research (it's free and they don't ask for money; just volunteers for research studies) and come back to comment that you did.

Best wishes for a safe, happy and healthy new year!
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