Disney Social Media Moms Conference

I have a bit of history with Disney. You see, back in the late 1980s, a Mickey-loving friend of mine convinced me join her at the on-campus interviews for the Disney College Program. I was graduating a semester early and had some time to kill before my summer of travel, so why not earn a few bucks while spending that time at Disney World?

My friend excitedly told me she aced her interview, whereas I feared they'd never even let me pass through the gates as a guest after I challenged my interviewer on the written application. "I left the clothing size blank because it's illegal to ask that on a job application," I told her with the hubris of a soon-to-be college graduate.

She explained that because the company provides costumes for all employees, they could indeed legally ask that question.


Long story short, my Disneyphile friend did not make the cut and I did. I felt horrible when we shared our news.

So here I am roughly two decades later sharing the news that I am headed to Orlando in March for the Disney Social Media Moms Conference feeling much the same way--awkward.

The registration process was not what Disney promised it would be. Many bloggers (and their families) were upset by the system. I don't know if it was human error, server crashes, secret lists, good luck or something else that led my acceptance, but I got the green light.

I received the news late last Friday night in between carpools. It took time to sink in. Based on the conversations I'd seen on Twitter, I wondered if it was a mistake.

So...I'm going. I'm excited for those who get to join in and truly sorry for those who won't be there.

The Disney folks got flack last year, they're getting flack this year and I'm certain if they choose to host the conference in 2012, they will try to right their wrongs. Any suggestions for the team?

In 2011, I'm only headed to Disney for a matter of days. In the late 80s, I was there for five months working as an attractions hostess at a now defunct Epcot Center attraction. As part of the College Program, I also attended weekly management seminars, eventually earning my Ducktorate in Business from Disney University. It's an actual diploma, signed by Mickey and Donald, complete with a golden seal.

It used to hang in my office, but it's packed away goodness knows where until we are settled in a new house. But I found this old photo. Boy, did I look hot in my Disney-issued bright yellow, nearly see-through, high-waisted pants.

Oh, the stories I could tell! The guests I greeted, the lost children reunited with parents, the secret Disney tunnels I walked through, the rows and rows of strollers I straightened....

It was a good and crazy time; I'm looking forward to creating more Disney memories in March.
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