The Amazing Thing about the Santa Train

A 2009 post from the Chicago Moms Blog.

After a night in Chicago with some of my blogs friends, including Chicago Moms Bloggers, Sarah, MJ, Miss Lori, Nancy, NJ Moms Contributor Vanessa and NYC Moms' Beth, I stepped onto Belmont to quite a racket. When I looked around for the cacophonous source, my eyes stuck on the CTA tracks. There up on the elevated tracks was a sight to behold--the Santa Train!

Call me a simple suburbanite, but I've never seen anything like it in my life. The blinged out train was awash with colorful lights and joyous holiday signs. It had the equivalent space of a train car decked out with an open-air Santa scene worthy of any shopping mall. It was delightful. The kind of thing you cannot look at without breaking into a smile.

Or perhaps I should say it's the kind of thing I could not look at without breaking into a smile even though I'm Jewish. As I looked around me on the street, I began to think I had seen an optical illusion up on the tracks. None of the wizened Chicagoans around me bothered to take note of the spectacle above. I looked at the passersby focusing on the smart phones or keeping their heads down as they walked into the wind. Did they even notice the Santa Train?

Oh well, their loss. I headed off to my bat mitzvah class filled with a child's sense of wonder and delight.

Check out the schedule for the CTA's holiday train.

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