Be Out There Challenge: Day 1

Ugh. Day 1 felt like a fail. I mean, I spent plenty of time outside (see the Whrrl story below) and my kids spent plenty of time outdoors, so that's all good. However, we were on opposite ends of our state.

When I returned home DH was out fetching our youngest from a playdate and I slept through dinner, exhausted after the three-hour drive which topped off two busy days in Galena, Illinois with MomImpact.

After dinner we watched the final episode on LIFE on the Discovery Channel. It's an educational series with amazing videography. We watched it as a family (mostly) while I snuggled with my younger guy.

So we had time outdoors and time as family, we just didn't have it together. I hope during day two we'll do a better job meeting the challenge.

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