Be Out There Challenge Day 7: Little Soccer Mom on the Prairie

There was nothing exceptional about Day 6, so I'm skipping to Day 7, and given that last Sunday was a wash, I'm hoping to include a Day 8 update. I still want to make it to the woods, but last night's heavy rain might make that a messy proposition.

Yesterday was cool and gray, but as weather goes for the spring soccer season, it was pretty good. Our soccer field is located next to a preserved slice of prairie; the same slice of prairie I used to ride my bike around as a child.See the soccer ref in yellow in the distance?

For the most part, this area has changed little in recent decades
(centuries?). The prairie is managed with controlled burns-- well controlled burns-- as it's only a few hundred feet from a residential area.

The small preserve used to be fenced in, but they recently upgraded the area with a viewing deck and now allow access to it. However, I can see the grasses are getting trampled; public access is not always a good thing.

It's not much to look at now, but there are signs of rebirth and growth. In a matter of weeks, it will be bright with flowers and buzzing with insects and birds.

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