One week and two RipStiks Later

So, our Outdoor Challenge is complete. I learned a few things along the way to spending a green hour or two outside with my kids each day. I'll get into the deeper lessons when I have more time to reflect. For now, I will say that boys love their wheels.

I'm not sure where the girls are after school, but the boys are wheeling their way around the park- bikes, scooters, skateboards and RipStiks. Anything that rolls seems to work. It's interesting how graceful they look rolling around on the RipStiks. It's almost like a ballet as they spins, twist and turn to avoid crashing into each other as they make their way around the basketball court.

Me, on the other hand...I can make it about 1/2way across our driveway on the RipStik. Almost.

Lest anyone think my gratuitous mention of RipStik is a weak attempt to attract the company's attention in hopes of scoring a free one as some bloggers are apt to do, put your worries to rest. We bought two of them last week. Have I mentioned it's birthday season here?

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I hope to have time to clear my head enough to write some thoughtful posts; I'm in the midst of a lot of exciting things, not to mention I've got less than a month until my bat mitzvah.
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