Marketing to Moms: Letting Someone Else do the Talking

I'm busy working on a top secret project and preparing for the Blissdom conference. Why take time out to write when my digital girlfriends have already provided brilliant fodder on the topic of marketing with moms?

Jennifer James, founder of Mom Bloggers Club, is kicking ass and taking names with her recent post How to Determine a Mom Blogger's Influence without Asking Her and pointed thoughts about brands that do not follow back on Twitter.

In recent months, I've been talking to clients about micro-influence and taking PR offline into real life and I've been thinking about it even more. Jessica Smith of Jessica Knows, and a VP Fleishman-Hillard, gave voice to some of the ideas I've been pondering in her post, The Influence Going Local. Definitely something to keep an eye on, if you ask me.

As for that top secret project, I'll be back soon with exciting news in the marketing to moms department. Stay tuned!

Edited 2/2/10 to add: Dovetailing on my thoughts about micro-influence, here's a must-read article from Wired magazine. Check out Clive Thompson piece, "In praise of online obscurity". Serious food for thought for those who are focused on reaching bloggers and Tweeters with the largest following.
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